Cameron LNG is a great place to work. Both leadership and staff continuously demonstrate an unwavering commitment in areas important to me:

  • to the safety well-being of its workforce and adherence to safe work practises;
  • to creating a company culture based on core values;
  • to making a difference in the community and the environment in which we work and live; and
  • to delivering the value to our Shareholders and being a reliable supplier of energy to the world!

At Cameron LNG, you will find a very diverse team and we embrace diversity because it provides a wealth of cultural and technical knowledge. We grow as a team and as individuals.

Cameron LNG is a company that truly cares about its employees. In the wake of disasters such as Hurricane Harvey, the Cameron family supported affected team members in every way they could. There are no words or actions to describe the love and support provided.

Commisioning & Start-Up

Cameron LNG provides me with endless opportunities for personal and professional growth, from career development to community involvement. I love working here because our diverse and caring culture provides an environment that allows all of us to grow.


Our team members support and help each other achieve our goals. Cameron LNG allows me to initiate solutions to problems and I feel appreciated. The challenges help me to stay focused and motivated. It is a pleasure to work for a company that is a leader and cares for the employees.

Accounts Payable

Cameron LNG gives me the opportunity to utilize my knowledge and experience as a chemist, and in conjuction with that of our diverse employee set, we make a really dynamic team. Cameron LNG provides the systems and tools to ensure an efficient and safe work place and is the only company for which I have worked that solicits employee feedback and institutes actions or changes that lead to continuous improvement.


Working for Cameron LNG feels like you are part of a climbing expedition team reaching for new heights with daily wins, learning moments and challenges but guided all the way with a clear map of corporate objectives.

I am encouraged by fellow employees who share a common goal; completing the Liquefaction Project on time, within budget and becoming a world-class LNG Operator, while being impactful and keeping each other safe along the journey.


Cameron LNG embraces diversity and cultivates an environment where employees genuinely respect and appreciate each other. This fosters a real leadership culture and allows me to feel like I can contribute as a leader of the company.


Cameron LNG is a great company that demonstrates good citizenship in the community. The way we give back in tangible ways and encourage volunteering among our employees, tells me I am working for a company that truly cares.

Document Control

“You did not wake up today to be mediocre.” – I love the energy of the work atmosphere at Cameron LNG. Each day we embrace the opportunity to give 100% and to make a difference to the project, to a coworker and to our community.

Executive Assistant

I enjoy working for CLNG! It is a great feeling knowing our main focus is on SAFETY. All our team members bring their own diverse personalities, work culture, experience and knowledge. Melding all this together is what makes CLNG unique!

Information Technology

Two of the reasons I enjoy working at Cameron LNG are two components of our Culture Wheel – Safety Above All & We Care. I live them through my experiences working with the Fire Department. I care about team member safety and wellbeing because, “I am my Brother’s Keeper.”


I am impressed with Cameron LNG’s focus on Safety, team effort, and community involvement. It drives so much of our activities. The extent to which CLNG team members live by these and other core values is truly exceptional. I am proud to be a member of this organization.