Participating in preservation

Because of its diverse ecosystems, Southern Louisiana is the “sportsman’s paradise”. Cameron LNG is committed to responsible stewardship and environmental preservation. We believe the responsible development of energy infrastructure is compatible with environmental protection and preservation. We planned and are building our LNG facility to meet or exceed federal and state standards, and will operate responsibly.

We listen

Listening to the needs of our community, we have formed partnerships with local groups to fund programs that help wetlands thrive, create more habitats, improve fisheries and provide better birding — all of which contribute to a healthier ecosystem.

To offset the impacts of construction, Cameron LNG consulted with residents, state officials, the US Army Corps of Engineers, and the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources to target areas for wetland creation. By beneficially using dredge spoil material, Cameron LNG has created over 500 acres of tidal marsh and emergent wetlands. Periodic maintenance dredging will create an estimated 13,000 acres of viable wetlands during the life of the facility.

We collaborated with Ducks Unlimited to restore an additional 900 acres of eroded marshland in a neighboring lake. Terraces of vegetation added to Black Lake helped reduce wave action, created waterfowl habitats and improved water clarity.

We act

Cameron LNG employees regularly give their time to many of our yearly community events, helping to clean Louisiana beaches or lending a hand to wildlife. A few even found a nest of alligator eggs onsite and helped relocate them to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. Cameron LNG has donated over $100,000 to wetland restoration projects and gives regularly to the Cameron Parish Rockefeller Wildlife Center, helping to restore Louisiana’s native whooping crane population.

Cameron LNG approaches environmental compliance and stewardship with a proactive attitude. Cameron LNG strives to achieve 100% compliance with all regulatory permits and requirements. Each member of the CLNG team is engaged in environmental monitoring and stewardship and receives regular training. This ensures they have the knowledge and skills to operate in an environmentally sound manner. A comprehensive environmental program with policies and procedures is in place to ensure this compliance. Stormwater discharges and air emissions are diligently monitored to ensure there are no impacts to the surrounding ecosystems.

We engage

Cameron LNG is committed to responsible and sustainable stewardship and environmental preservation by meeting or exceeding all local, state and federal environmental regulatory requirements. We believe the responsible development of energy infrastructure is compatible with environmental protection and preservation.

At Cameron LNG, we share the concerns of our stakeholders with respect to the impact of climate change. We are closely evaluating and looking to develop sustainable solutions that balance the demand for clean natural gas energy with the need to reduce our carbon footprint.