Amended Expansion Project

Cameron LNG’s Amended Expansion Project will allow the facility to produce up to 6.75 million tons per annum (Mtpa) of additional low-cost, reliable U.S. LNG for export to markets around the world. Located 18 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico on the Calcasieu ship channel near a major pipeline hub, Cameron LNG currently operates a three-train facility capable of exporting up to 14.95 Mtpa of LNG, or an equivalent of 772 billion cubic feet per year of natural gas.

In 2016, Cameron LNG received authorization from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to site, construct and operate expansion facilities. In January 2022, the company requested a revision to its existing authorized permit that proposes to modify the expansion project by adding a single LNG train with a maximum production capacity of 6.75 Mtpa of LNG instead of the currently authorized two trains at approximately 4.98 Mtpa each. The design enhancements include:

The construction of the Amended Expansion Project will bring additional economic benefits to the region, including:

As reported in Cameron LNG’s 2019-2020 Community Impact Report, the company has made property tax payments to Calcasieu and Cameron parishes totaling more than $13 million in the 2020 tax year. Since 2004, Cameron LNG has donated more than $3 million to non-profit and business organizations benefiting the region in the areas of economic prosperity, emergency preparedness and safety, environmental stewardship, and education.